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papineau475   (open in a new window)

I am looking for a women who is confortable with my smoking fetish. I statred smoking at 11 y.o with a girl friend of mine who was already a smoker . I found her so attractive taking deep drags and blowing thick exhales .so she teached me to smoke gradually by blowing her smoke in my mouth . It was amazing. Now i smoke 2 pack per day and i have no plan to quit.

37 years old | Sainte-Thérèse, Canada

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32jack   (open in a new window)

Thought it would be neat to meet dedicated female smokers (yes, I have the fetish, lol). If you're a lady that loves your Marlboro Reds, Reds 100 or full strength Marlb Menthols, keep yourself in shape and love how sexy you look when you smoke, it would be cool to chat with you.

38 years old | West Chester, PA, USA

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maddiegrrl   (open in a new window)

Country grrl
I hate these things. so: Name: Maddie ♥ Right/left handed: Left ♥ Your heritage: Polish ♥ Your weakness: Sexy soldiers & nicotine ♥ Your fears: Spiders ♥ Do you have kids? Yes ♥ Do you want kids? Yes ♥ Pizza: Pepperoni ♥ Your biggest pet peeve: I still get carded for cigs ♥ Goal for this year: The best mommy I can be ♥ Five things you could never be without: My cig...

30 years old | Abbot Village, ME, USA

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ineedreds   (open in a new window)

Smoking red head
I love smoking and I've needed to smoke daily since I was 10. I need over 3 packs a day these days and will probably need more before my body is finally satisfied. I have a huge oral fixation and need to always be sucking on something. Naturally, I always have a cigarette between my lips to suck on. I know deep down that I'll never want to or be able to quit. I have completely give in to my ad...

27 years old | Vancouver, WA, USA

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longhairnj   (open in a new window)

Longhaired reds smoker for younger reds smoker, been smokin since 16 and love Marlboros more than any nonsmoker could imagine, Into rock, metal, and guys who are too (OK, I never grew up!) Would love to share my passion with another Reds dude, preferably younger (18-40) with long or long-ish hair (not into skinheads, though). Hit me up dudes, let's suck down some tar n' nicotine together! D&D free...

57 years old | A Country Place, NJ, USA

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smokeylove   (open in a new window)

Reds Lover
I absolutely love smoking. Devouring a cigarette is one of my favorite things in life. Looking to share this passion with someone close to my age.

27 years old | Abbot, IL, USA

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intoxnicotine   (open in a new window)

Heavy smoker 3PPD+
I smoke 3 ppd of reds, I chaining all the time and love tar and nic !

29 years old | Strasbourg, France

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regazzoni   (open in a new window)

Lighting up with pleasure since 1985
Smoking fascinates me since I was a kid, and I love being with a woman/girl who smokes a lot and also love it. I really like chatting about the subject. Marlboro Reds is my current brand, around 1 ppd. I would just like to chat about smoking with women who share this passion.

36 years old | Torto, Brazil

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mauro2662   (open in a new window)

smoke marlboro red 40 - 50 every day.

46 years old | Milano, Italy

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natasha5506   (open in a new window)

I smoke newport 100's and have been smoking for about 7 years.

25 years old | Virginia Beach, VA, USA

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