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tallpaul37   (open in a new window)

Sensual, easy-going but naughty!
Straight guy in his late 30's but looks younger. Sensual & easy-going, yet wicked and passionate underneath. Loves confident female smokers even though am non-smoker, I find it so attractive & alluring...

37 years old | Nuneaton, United Kingdom

fumeuse   (open in a new window)

Love to smoke
27 yo girl, heavy smoker, marlboro lights, reds and Vogues. I've been smoking for 15 yrs.

26 years old | Paris, France

artistsk   (open in a new window)

I am curious and enjoy life...

58 years old | Bucharest, Romania

katecleer22   (open in a new window)

25 years old | Mesa, AZ, USA

heavysmoker420   (open in a new window)

2-3 ppd reds smoker...over 30 years now
3 ppd smoker, Marlboro & L&M REDS sometimes 420, love other heavy smoking guys. I've been a heavy smoker for around 30 years and was an occasional/light smoker for a few years before that. I love smoking, and I really LOVE what smoking has done and how my lungs feel from all those years of heavy smoking.

52 years old | Ottawa, KS, USA

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dianaa   (open in a new window)

Hi,my name is Diana, I am a chainsmoker lady.

27 years old | Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

smokingcutie   (open in a new window)

i am here to meet new people make friends and just see what happens

19 years old | Topsham Four Corners, VT, USA

dknight3639   (open in a new window)

I've smoked for about three years now don't feel like quitting. I need a lover that will help me through it all

18 years old | Cambridge, OH, USA

mattandvicky   (open in a new window)

My wife and I have a smoking fetish but can not buy the king of smoking fetish virginia slim 120's in the UK so was looking for a kind person to send us some from the USA. We would be happy to pay for the time and effort that it requires.

47 years old | East Sussex, United Kingdom

morehuman   (open in a new window)

32 years old | Aeaun Bridge, Ireland


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