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Ciggyaddict's Blog As I sit here smoking a menthol cigarette..
Posted by Ciggyaddict on 2014-05-26 06:29:45.

I ponder how it all began. Names are masked sometimes. I wanted to try cigarettes since I can remember, at a family friends party one day, daughters of mums friend stole some ciggys and let me hang out with them. I was six years old. They were regulars. Benson and hedges or dunhills. I smoked my first cigarette. Didn't inhale, just puffed. I remember it tasted pretty poor. Opportunities arose over the coming few years, particularly when we visited mums friends place, where Rachel who was... No comments



Ciggyaddict's Blog I love being addicted to smoking menthol cigarettes
Posted by Ciggyaddict on 2014-05-25 09:22:56.

There. I have made a public confession about my menthol cigarette smoking addiction. I love talking about smoking menthols. Love talking about getting addicted, cravings, the whole act of smoking. I confess I would become a chain smoker if it was socially acceptable. I also confess I'm a bit hooked on Nicorette cool drops 4mg nicotine lozenges and I smoke my menthols when I use them. They help me manage my ciggy intake, but they are addictive and maki me more dependent on my menthol ciggys, I... 2 comments



Luvsblacklungs's Blog Finally
Posted by Luvsblacklungs on 2013-06-09 19:12:43.

cI've never been happier since I met my beautiful smoking goddess this past Valentine's day. We are both smoking more than ever :-) 6 comments



Lonigatienne's Blog my marlboro menthol experience
Posted by Lonigatienne on 2011-11-21 22:34:36.

i have been smoking newports for quite a while now, but at over 5 dollars a pac - 10 dollars a day - i was wanting to find a cigarette that would be a little easier on my purse. the mother of one of my grrlfriends and i were talking about that, she told me that she had recently switched to marlboro menthol 100s - so, i thought i would pick up a few pacs and give them a try. ok, so it's a cork filter, but so are newports -tho at times i like the look and feel of a cork filter. purchase price was... 5 comments



Snapinhalegirl's Blog My gorgeous Snap Inhales
Posted by Snapinhalegirl on 2011-08-14 09:15:16.

My life. My reason for living.. Is to constantly perform Gorgeous.Giant Creamy. Snap Inhales! They must become bigger.. My lungs are starving for my yummy balls of creamy 8 comments

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